The first apple trees planted at Ringo-En began to bear fruit in the 1950s. We still have our classic varieties such as Mcintosh and Spartan (apple pies yumm!), family favourites such as Ambrosia and Gala, as well as new varieties like Aurora Golden Gala and Salish. Click on the photos below to find out more about each variety we have here at Ringo-En!
Maturity Season Early to mid October
Description Sweet taste, medium to large in size, firm, crisp flesh, pink/red blush over colour, great for eating and cooking
Maturity Season Late September to early October
Description Tangy, sweet taste, juicy and very crisp, solid pinkish-red over colour
 Aurora Golden Gala
Maturity Season Late September to early October
Description Sweet taste, very crisp and very juicy, yellow over colour
 Royal Gala
Maturity Season Late August to early September
Description Sweet taste with distinctive aromatics, firm, crisp and juicy, orange red blush over colour
Maturity Season Mid September to early October
Description Strong, sweet-tart taste, very juicy and tender flesh, blushish red over colour, great cooking apple
Maturity Season Mid October
Description Sweet, succulent taste, crunchy flesh, bright, crimson over colour, great for cooking

     We have three varieties of peaches here at Ringo-En Orchards, all of which are freestone, so bring out your canners or peach pie recipes and come get some scrumptious peaches!
 Harrow Diamond
Maturity Season Third week of July, earliest freestone peach available
Description Great for eating, peels easily, great taste and flavour
Maturity Season Mid season similar to Red Haven, first week of August
Description Super sweet and juicy, great for eating, freezing or canning
 Coral Star
Maturity Season Late season similar to Glohaven, mid August
Description Large, super tasty non browning large fruit, great for canning

Our yummy veggies are grown using plant-based, biodegradable, plastic-type mulch and a drip irrigation system. These processes allows us to practice sustainable farming techniques by eliminating herbicide use and conserving water.
Our famous Super-Sweet Corn is a favourite here at Ringo-En Orchards. Come by and dig your teeth into some corn on a cob for dinner.
One of Ringo-En's newest crops to pop up on the orchard. You will love the amazing taste of our garlic in any dish you're cookin' up.
U-Pick tomatoes have been a huge part of Ringo-En over the years. Regular beefsteak type and roma types are grown in a scenic setting over-looking Okanagan Lake. Come by and pick your own juicy red tomatoes for a fun experience for the whole family. Not to mention yummy tomato sandwiches mmmm...
Green, coloured and hot peppers available for U-Pick as well as We Pick. Great for salsas or stuffed peppers (see our recipe tab for our favourite recipes)

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