Our 25 acres of land overlooking Okanagan Lake has been in our family for three generations and is currently owned and operated by Tom Ouchi. Tom grew up on the orchard and took over the family business in 1992. Our orchard has changed and adapted to include not just apples but also a variety of vegetables and fruits and is now run as a part U-Pick operation. There are about twelve acres of six different varieties of apples, around one acre of scrumptious peach trees, four acres of beautiful U-Pick tomatoes, peppers, corn, another few acres of other vegetables, and, not to mention our colourful fresh cut flower patch. Ringo-En Orchards may have changed its products over our long history, but the quality and dedication of growing great produce has remained a key part of our farming techniques and values.

Ringo-En Orchards
6831 Bella Vista Road, Vernon BC
Farm: 250-545-1610 / Home: 250-545-9079
Cell: 250-306-2860